ATV Excursions, Bear Viewing, and River Fishing.

Kodiak Salmon Riders specializes in full day offroad guided
excursions. You will travel 20+ miles south of Kodiak City to one of the finest Kodiak's fishing paradises, Saltery Cove. Over 58,000 Red Salmon went up the river in 2017. Other species include: Silver
Salmon, Pink Salmon, Dog Salmon,  Dolly Varden, Steelhead and Rainbow Trout.

Your adventure will begin in Middle Bay at the American River parking lot, from there we will load up into the side by side UTV's and will drive on an old military road built back in World War II. The trail will take you across lush green valleys, through countless rivers and streams,  over and down beautiful  mountain passes, and finally to your destination at Saltery Cove. From there we will seek out fishing holes filled with salmon or explore the valley and coast looking for the world’s largest carnivore, the legendary Kodiak Brown Bear. Other wildlife in the area include Bald Eagles, Sitka Blacktail Deer, Mountain Goats, Bison, Fox, and more! Be sure to bring your camera!